Case Study

Peugeot Italia uses Twitter to launch its 208 and to draw attention to a charity

Key results

The opportunity

launched the ‘Move Your Energy’ campaign to support the Peugeot 208’s rollout in Italy and to invite consumers to do something for charity, in partnership with the children’s charity Dottor Sorriso (). It also wanted to showcase Peugeot’s new driving experience with i-cockpit and on-board technology, such as its digital sound system and range of Connect Apps.

The strategy

The idea behind the integrated campaign was to power the journey of ’s 208 across Italy with social media interactions. The plan was to begin in Turin and end in Milan where , which specialises in clown-therapy for children in hospitals, is based. The campaign converted each Tweet of the hashtag into an extra mile of petrol for the car as it crossed the country.

The 208 made 11 stops in major Italian cities where it visited interactive kiosks shaped as fuel pumps and dubbed ‘Social Power Stations’. The car was driven by influencers and Peugeot Rally official drivers, and after 12 days it reached its destination at the Niguarda Hospital in Milan, where the 208 was donated to .

Steps to success

1. Use a Promoted Trend to drive awareness.

On day one of the project, launched a Promoted Trend campaign using the hashtag to maximise exposure. bolstered the Trend with a series of Promoted Tweets that provided daily updates of the tour as the 208 traveled throughout Italy.

2. Choose an original hashtag to action.

A central part of the campaign was . This original, intriguing hashtag caught the audience’s attention and inspired people to click and discover that the conversation was about doing something good for others.

3. Use influencers to reach new audiences.

worked closely with a number of influencers whose participation helped the brand reach a wider audience. These included Peugeot official drivers, who were behind the 208’s wheel, as well as automotive bloggers and journalists who stimulated interactions at the Social Power Stations.

The success

Twitter’s role was essential to the success of the Peugeot 208’s activity. There were more than 1,000 mentions of the hashtag, and more than 1,200 Tweets were converted into ‘social power’ to fuel the 208’s journey.

The Promoted Trend generated more than 3 million impressions, and doubled ’s average engagement rate that day. Overall, the campaign achieved a 25% increase in followers and was very successful in engaging the key female audience. Peugeot’s average organic engagement rate among women rose 63%.

Creating new, engaging and distinctive content ... is a key challenge in the automotive market. The campaign is a successful example of how to socially remodel and localise an international campaign. Twitter provided an easy and efficient way to interact with the 208.

Carlo Leoni, Communication Director, Peugeot Italia

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