Case Study

KPMG Small Business promotes its new software with always-on lead generation

Key results

The opportunity

KPMG Small Business (@KPMG_SBA) wanted to educate business owners around the benefits of its newly launched online accountancy software, which is designed specifically to appeal to small and midsize businesses (SMBs). It took to Twitter to drive brand awareness around this new product and generate leads and signups from small business owners around the UK.

The strategy

Beginning in October 2015, @KPMG_SBA launched an always-on lead generation campaign using Promoted Tweets with Lead Generation Cards. Messaging in the Tweet copy focused on the benefits @KPMG_SBA’s new software afforded small business owners, including a dedicated accountant and a 24-hour online financial portal. Images in the Tweet were simple, designed to reflect the essence of the brand and be instantly identifiable.

With each Lead Generation Card, the brand shared an advantage and a clear call to action that encouraged Twitter users to sign up for more information.

Drive quality leads.

The Lead Generation Card allowed @KPMG_SBA to drive a high volume of leads by showcasing appealing content to small businesses in their timelines. By combining it with @username and keyword targeting, @KPMG_SBA successfully generated quality leads from the right audience at precisely the right time.

Maintain always-on momentum.

To generate as many sign-up requests as possible, @KPMG_SBA ran an always-on Twitter lead generation campaign. This meant that it collected leads with a Promoted Tweets campaign over a period of months. Tweet copy and imagery was changed frequently to ensure the campaign remained fresh over time.

Reach the right audience.

Key to the success of @KPMG_SBA’s campaign was that it should resonate most with the owners of small businesses and sole traders. To achieve this, it used @username targeting to connect with users following accounts of online resources for SMBs such as @businessinsider, @BizGovUk, and @StartUpBritain.

The success

With a 12% conversion rate from lead to acquired customer, the campaign saw @KPMG_SBA exceed its goal of successfully promoting its new software. The campaign made a positive impact with small business owners across the UK, racking up over 3.3 million impressions. It also generated a 3 times increase in the volume of leads that the brand normally sees.

Our lead generation campaign on Twitter massively exceeded our expectations! From the very start we were generating leads at 80% less cost than other networks and platforms.

Dom Moriarty, Head of Social, Passion Digital

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