Case Study

KFC welcomes the Colonel — and customers — to stores across Kuwait with Twitter

Key results

The opportunity

KFC Arabia () had just opened its 700th regional store, located in Kuwait, and flew in the company’s iconic brand personality “The Colonel” to help celebrate. The brand turned to Twitter to let people know about the Colonel’s visit and the opportunity to meet him, as well as to drive in-store sales.

The strategy

To encourage interest and participation, used Promoted Tweets just prior to the Colonel’s arrival and throughout his five-day tour. To reach audiences beyond its core online followers, ’s targeting included interests like food and drink and keywords such as “KFC,” “The Colonel’s visit,” “fast food,” and “hungry”. It also targeted followers of competitor brands and social media influencers, such as Kuwaiti fashion blogger . For two days, it used a Promoted Trend to drive awareness and spark conversation.

Fuel conversation with a Promoted Trend.

used a Promoted Trend with the hashtag أطلق_الكولونيل# (“Unleash the Colonel”), which generated conversation and encouraged interaction.

Update content in real time.

’s Promoted Tweets provided live updates of in-store events along with details of when and where to meet the Colonel. Doing so encouraged followers to visit KFC outlets and generated sizeable crowds. The brand also was able to optimise content in real time to drive further participation.

Grab attention with strong visuals.

By live-Tweeting photos and videos of the Colonel from its stores, was able to increase hype and to stand out online. These Tweets also generated buzz for in-store visits and activities. The images encouraged people to come to KFC outlets, and as crowds grew so did sales.

The success

During the two-day Promoted Trend, gained more than 2 million impressions, with average engagement rates of 34% and 34.6% on the consecutive days. The best-performing Tweet saw a peak engagement rate of 58%, while received 780 mentions compared with the usual 30 mentions per day. The campaign realised more than 2,000 Tweets about the Colonel, and the brand gained more than 1,500 new followers and 67% more in daily numbers of new Twitter followers. Overall sales increased by 40% the weekend of the campaign.

Promoting the Colonel … on his visit to Kuwait was the key driver for our 700th store event. Planning ahead with Twitter and a solid ‘real-time’ content calendar, coupled with the best utilization of influencers, provided the success of the program."

Borhan El-Kilany, Senior Executive Vice President Marketing & Business Development, Americana Group

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