Case Study

ING uses humour to capitalise on the football rivalry between Belgium and France

Key results

The opportunity

On June 7, 2015, the Belgian football team played an exhibition game against arch-rival France in the lead-up to the qualification round for Euro 2016 in France. Because ING () has long been a sponsor of Belgium’s “Red Devils,” and humour is one of its core values, it thought this game would be a good opportunity to zero in on the market in a fun way.

The strategy

ING’s mission is to encourage people to stay a step ahead in their lives and careers. In line with this, it designed an attractive online campaign to help Red Devils supporters cram for their big test against France: , both for the exhibition game and the qualifying round.

ING made mock-ups of characteristic Parisian street signs but in Belgian red and with Belgian players’ names on them. Red Devil supporters on Twitter were asked to take selfies holding these signs, which also were used in humorous ways during the game’s live feed.

Steps to success

1. Bring humour, and add some star power.

created an engaging branded experience with a humorous slant, which can be very effective on Twitter. Belgian players (, , and ) took part, Tweeting sneak previews of the campaign video from their own Twitter accounts.

2. Get a boost from a Promoted Trend.

also used a Promoted Trend, opting for for the French-language account . Running this popular hashtag, increased recognition for its campaign and for its other hashtag, .

3. Capitalise on live moments.

Twitter is the medium for live moments. made the most of this by providing commentary during the France–Belgium game with humorous Tweets. The street signs were used again here, but this time to say something about the match, such as the Belgian keeper being clearly unstoppable.

The Success

surpassed its main goal of creating brand satisfaction and driving recognition. The Promoted Trend accumulated 1.17 million impressions and an additional 159,000 Tweet impressions. The campaign gathered more than 8,000 Tweet engagements for an engagement rate of 5.02%. In addition, it benefited from a healthy PR value in the form of several related news articles.

This is the first time we have used Twitter for live events, and it went great. It worked especially well in combination with the Promoted Trend to engage in direct interaction with our target group. ... The live aspect offers real added value with Twitter."

Frederic Herzeele, Head of Content & Conversations, ING België

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