Case Study

How interacts with NFL fans to drive engagement and brand relevance

Key results

The opportunity

In 2014, Mexico had the highest number of NFL fans outside the US and the sport was the second most preferred in the country after soccer. Pepsi México () wanted to capitalise on this popularity during the season and to drive brand relevance and engagement.

The strategy

partnered with Twitter to introduce a new interactive product to its audience and be the first brand to use Twitter Poll Cards in Mexico. The campaign consisted of polls sent through Tweets, inviting NFL fans to vote for the winner of each game. To maximise the reach of the polls, the brand used Promoted Tweets making use of keyword and TV conversation targeting tools. Moreover, “whitelisted” several sports and entertainment influencers to drive content relevance and authenticity. Finally, the brand used the Promoted Trend (We are in Arizona) during Super Bowl XLIX to generate conversation and shared experiences around the event.

Create real-time interaction during live events.

used Promoted Tweets with Poll Cards to reach users in a direct, fun and interactive way. Twitter Cards asking fans who they thought would win were published at least two hours before each game started. The poll provided NFL fans with a seamless voting experience, allowing them to cast their votes without being redirected out of their Twitter timeline. During the live broadcast of Super Bowl XLIX, ran a TV campaign where sports anchors invited fans to vote in the polls. The poll results were shown in real time during the game.

Identify and target the right audience.

reached the right audience of NFL and sports fans through the use of keyword targeting. The brand created a list of around 200 keywords used in fans’ conversations around each NFL game such as “NFL”, “Patriots”, “Seahawks” and “Tom Brady”. To ensure relevance, conversations were monitored and the list updated in real time during the games.

Associate the brand with key influencers.

supported its game play with the use of whitelisting, a method of promoting Tweets from other accounts to increase the campaign’s scope and credibility. Inés Sainz (), a model and sports journalist, as well as another entertainment TV broadcaster, Faisy (), joined the campaign to allow their NFL Tweets to be Retweeted and amplified by . By promoting these celebrity Tweets, joined the conversation and participated in topics, further widening the campaign’s reach and authenticity.

The success

’s campaign using Promoted Tweets with Twitter Poll Cards achieved 7.79 million impressions and 187,407 engagements during the NFL season, with an average engagement rate of 2.41% and a cost per engagement of $0.43 USD. Whitelisted Tweets from key influencers, and , achieved 1.61 million impressions and 138,000 engagements with an average engagement rate of 8.62%.

On the day of Super Bowl XLIX, the Promoted Trend received 3,873 mentions and 5.12 million impressions while its related Promoted Tweets reached 712,000 impressions with an average engagement rate of 4.61%. Throughout these campaigns, attracted 5,426 new followers organically.

At we love to break with routine and try new things. This new and interactive version of Twitter Cards allowed us to better connect with consumers and NFL fans through fresh and fun content. The campaign was a huge success in terms of participation and engagement.

Gustavo Reyna () Director de Marketing, Consumer Engagement, Pepsi México

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