Case Study

How Lexus Saudi Arabia drives engagement to new audiences using Twitter

Key results

The opportunity

Saudi Arabia has one of the world’s largest markets in the luxury car category. Lexus () understood the tremendous growth potential and decided to be the first auto brand in the region to unveil a luxury vehicle exclusively through digital media. The brand wanted to drive interest from male car enthusiasts aged 25+ around the launch of the new sporty Lexus RC and performance-enhanced Lexus RCF. identified potential new clients and used exclusive content geared to target audiences who would be more likely to engage with messaging on Twitter.

The strategy

created a Twitter campaign to spark two-way conversations with consumers about the vehicles. It used Promoted Trends with the hashtags and to broadcast the launch and engage a wider audience with interactive conversations on the specifications, price, and availability of the new products. The brand fuelled interest with Promoted Tweets that invited potential buyers aged 24 to 45 to experience the unbridled power and an “unforgettable driving pleasure.” allocated 80% of its social budget on Twitter to increase its voice on social media and spark interest from new users with authentic and conversational Tweets.

Develop a relevant content strategy.

To engage target audiences, the brand used Promoted Tweets that focused on the elite design and untamed power of the Lexus RC and Lexus RCF. Promoted Tweets delivered exclusive photos of the new models and invited enthusiasts to share their passion for cars on Twitter. created a Tweet calendar to deliver fresh content each day during the campaign to attract more consumers. The brand sparked interest with three Promoted Tweets each day of the campaign and continued the conversation with repurposed content from previous days.

Kick-start the conversation with a pre-campaign teaser. 

To generate buzz among its target audience, used the Promoted Trends and to build curiosity and intrigue in a teaser campaign before the car launch. The brand used three unique Promoted Trends to amplify the conversation to a wider audience and delivered regular Promoted Tweets to catch the attention of users wanting information about the new models.

Create a timely response rate to keep users engaged. 

focused on establishing two-way conversations with consumers by dedicating a round-the-clock team to manage communication. To build relationships, the team worked steadily to respond to user Tweets in a timely and engaging fashion.

The success

Using Promoted Tweets, the brand generated a daily spike of five times more mentions and an increase of three times more followers than pre-campaign. With Promoted Trends and Promoted Tweets, reached about 3.5 million Twitter users in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Promoted Trends had a peak engagement rate of 7.1%.

The campaign was very successful and the most cost-effective campaign we have ever done. The Tweets we received were from people who were engaged with the product and this kind of interactive communication cannot be found in other platforms.

Mohammed Ziad Murad, Digital Marketing Senior Manager, Lexus Marketing

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