Case Study

Frigo Helados optimises the synergy between TV and Twitter with a summer campaign

Key results

The opportunity

Frigo Helados () wanted to take advantage of its Carte D’Or ice cream appearing on an episode of Masterchef (). The brand was aware that its audience included fans of this kind of programming and that 56% of Twitter followers in Spain engage with the platform while watching TV (Nielsen Twitter Consumer Deep Dive Survey, July 2015, Spain).

The strategy

Carte D’Or had no digital presence of its own, and was appearing on in an unbranded form on , which does not accept advertising. This meant that creating buzz was all down to Twitter.

divided its campaign into stages and ran Promoted Tweets before and during the broadcast. From May 28 to June 1, launched Tweets with quizzes and fun facts about ice cream. This stage had the highest spending, and and Carte D’Or reached over 933,000 unique Twitter followers. On June 2, the day of the broadcast, used two Promoted Tweets and different contest dynamics, encouraging users to share their () or guess the name of the episode winner for a chance to win prizes like Masterchef training or a trip to Paris. The brand saw an average engagement rate of 2.03% and reached 1,106,000 unique users. During the third phase (June 3 to 7), aimed to keep the conversation around the product alive; it reached 665,000 unique users and saw an average engagement rate of 4.28%.

Build buzz before and during the broadcast.

ran its campaign before and during the show broadcast to build and sustain awareness. These Tweets achieved high levels of engagement, highlighting how brands that combine TV and Twitter can achieve strong results.

Capture attention with engaging content.

To stand out, created a variety of engaging content in its Promoted Tweets. These included quizzes, true-or-false statements, and fun facts about ice cream. It also offered great prizes, including a trip to Paris and online Masterchef training.

Target the right audience at the right time.

used keyword and TV targeting to get its message in front of the right people — those interested in cooking, recipes and Masterchef. In the last stage, the brand personalised its message to retarget those users who had not yet participated in the contest.

The success

overcame the barrier of having a product placed on a public broadcaster with no advertising. The campaign enabled followers to identify Carte D’Or product in the episode, and had an average engagement rate of 4.28% during and after the broadcast. Sales doubled during the campaign.

The social audience for Masterchef totaled 430,499 users. The campaign reached 54% of that audience, and and Carte D’Or saw 248,674 unique users. 3% of the conversation concentrated on the show included the campaign hashtag.

Our goal was to extend the product beyond traditional media, making the most of the digital world to interact with users. We leveraged the second screen of the Masterchef broadcast ... seeking interaction with users and creating an entertaining experience."

Maria Beatriz Iglesias Granados, Media & Digital Director, Unilever

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