Case Study

Channel 4 delivers one of its biggest comedy launches with Twitter

Key results

The opportunity

With its sitcom returning to our screens, saw an opportunity to turn the launch into a ‘must-see TV event’, by engaging younger comedy fans on Twitter.  The station decided  to use Twitter to build excitement and boost awareness for the upcoming series.

The strategy

With the start of the new series of just around the corner, took to Twitter to cultivate excitement and drive conversions for the series premiere. 

In the lead-up, used a Heart to Remind to build anticipation amongst comedy fans. It offered them a teaser of the new series, along with the option to receive a direct reminder to tune in for the launch. 

elevated the conversation on launch day by using the enhanced visibility of Spotlight Promoted Trend to encourage people to use the hashtag for the first episode airing that night. 

For the two weeks following the launch, used Promoted Video to sustain the increased awareness and engagement around the launch, and to drive viewership of all past episodes of on its All4 streaming platform.

Build anticipation with Heart to Remind

effectively generated excitement and anticipation amongst comedy fans by using Heart to Remind to tease the new series and secure their commitment to tune in.

Boost the conversation with Spotlight Promoted Trend

On launch day, capitalised on increased campaign engagement by using the enhanced visibility of Spotlight Promoted Trend to drive hashtag mentions.

Sustain the buzz with Promoted Video

Promoted Video enabled to keep comedy fans intrigued and engaged after the launch, leading to increased viewing figures on All4.

The success

With Twitter, delivered a highly successful series launch, as 22,000 comedy fans opted into heart-to-remind. The impressive cost per engagement of just £0.10 and Spotlight Promoted Trend drove more than 21 million impressions.

Overall, the campaign achieved more than 2.89 million video views, and, thanks to sustained campaign activity, the Sunday after the launch saw the highest ever daily viewing figures for on All4.

We wanted to make Friday Night Dinner into a ‘must-see TV event’, and Twitter massively helped with this. Promoted Spotlight Trend, in particular, got people talking about the show, and the launch went on to be one of our biggest comedy launches ever, so it was a massive result.