Case Study

belVita launches in South Africa with a quirky First View campaign

Key results

The opportunity

Mondelez brand belVita () wanted to generate awareness around the launch of its breakfast biscuits in South Africa. In Twitter,  saw an opportunity to weave its own quirky voice into people’s everyday morning chat, and engage them in conversation about making mornings fun.

The strategy

 created a playful campaign around the hashtag , celebrating people who “win” at morning activities. It invited people to Tweet about their own wins, and feature in a radio jingle.

To generate widespread awareness,  ran a First View campaign with a Promoted Trend. This meant that ’s Promoted Video showed in Twitter’s top ad spot in South Africa for 24 hours. Meanwhile,  took the top trend position.

After the nationwide exposure of its First View,  honed its Twitter targeting to connect with 18- to 40-year-olds in South Africa who showed an interest in topics such as yoga, breakfast and healthy living. Conversational Ads made it easy for those people to engage with the campaign and spread the message to their own followers.

Get more from your TV spot.

 extended the reach and relevance of its TV commercial by running it as a First View video on Twitter.

Use Conversational Ads to reach further.

Conversational Ads invited people to join in and share ’s brand message with their followers. A click on the customised call-to-action button generated new Tweets from their own accounts.

Let influencers speak for your brand.

Using a process called whitelisting,  invited celebrities to Tweet on the campaign’s behalf. The brand then promoted those Tweets to its target audience.

Give your fans live access with Periscope.

People love exclusive content like sneak peeks and backstage access.  took people behind the scenes of its radio show by live-streaming it on Periscope.

The success

’s campaign achieved over 4.4 million impressions. Its average video view rate was 20.05%, with a CPV (cost per view) of R0.45.

Jaritha Narsey, Category Brand Manager Biscuits & Groceries, Mondelez, says: “From the day of the launch, we generated mass awareness for the brand with our campaign on Twitter. The campaign drove impactful and relevant engagement with users that saw growing and owning the conversation on Twitter.”

Twitter was a great driver of brand equity for belVita in South Africa. The overall increase in reach and awareness has been so crucial for the development of this brand in SA, and we can only look forward to celebrating the many Morning Wins alongside the Twitter Team.

Lara Tehini, Senior Category Manager Biscuits, Mondelez

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