Case Study

Audio brand JBL tunes in music lovers with Twitter Audience Platform

Key results

The opportunity

JBL () wanted to increase awareness of its brand among music lovers during key cultural events.

“Although our brand is close to 70 years old, we have some strong competitors,” explains Dave Spinato, global director of digital marketing and social media at . “We need to be super innovative in the digital and social space when it comes to generating awareness.”

The strategy

 used the Twitter Audience Platform to increase its reach and capture the attention of its target audience around Coachella and the NBA playoffs.

The Twitter Audience Platform is made up of thousands of brand-safe mobile apps that can host Twitter Ads. When advertisers opt in, they can target their Promoted Tweets and Promoted Videos to mobile app users. This enables brands to instantly increase their reach and connect with the consumers who are most likely to be interested in their products.

Find your audience.

The Twitter Audience Platform lets advertisers target mobile app users by device, location, gender, and interests. These robust targeting capabilities enabled  to instantly reach music lovers, event-goers, and sports fans in the moment during the NBA playoffs and Coachella music festival.

“The more targeted we can get, the better. At a high level, we want to reach people who are really passionate about music, not just casual listeners. That means we need to seek deeper insights and find the audiophiles, the loyal event-goers, the intense sports fans,” Spinato says.

For example,  targeted this ad, which features portable Bluetooth speakers, to mobile app users interested in Coachella.

Capture consumers’ attention.

When Promoted Tweets and Promoted Videos appear in mobile apps, they expand across the entire mobile screen. This makes it more likely that users will engage with them.

 found that simply showing high-quality, relevant photos to a targeted group of users on the Twitter Audience Platform was enough to make them click.

“We were able to get in front of people who hadn’t seen us in the past and engage on devices we don’t typically leverage,” Spinato says. “It’s all about capturing those new eyes on a bigger range of devices.”

Review results and optimise.

Like most advertisers,  began by simply running their existing Promoted Tweets and Promoted Videos on the Twitter Audience Platform. Once they saw positive initial results, they were eager to try testing new images and phrases.

The Twitter Audience Platform offers granular reporting, Spinato notes, which makes real-time optimisation easy.

The success

The Twitter Audience Platform enabled  to generate significant engagement and incremental reach.

“For campaigns running on the Twitter Audience Platform, we achieved an engagement rate 15 times the industry average, as well as 70% incremental reach. To be getting that increase on top of our great engagement was amazing for us,” Spinato says.

The campaign was also cost-efficient, with an average cost per engagement of $0.13.

The concept of the Twitter Audience Platform is brilliant—we’re going to be Tweeting anyway, and now there’s this whole new platform we can tap into that lets us optimise and increase engagement with a very valuable segment of our existing and potential customers.

Dave Spinato (), Global Director of Digital Marketing and Social Media, HARMAN

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