Case Study

A multinational confectionary company gets sweet results using Promoted Video

Key results

The opportunity

Mondelēz International, a multinational confectionery, food and beverage company,  wanted to relaunch its revamped Mandolin chocolate bars, boost consumer awareness and change public perceptions of the confectionery from "occasional treat" to "daily pleasure." It turned to Twitter to find a young, technology-savvy audience and created the Twitter account. The challenge was to build hype, gain followers in Egypt and get the message out to a wide audience.

The strategy

  used a Promoted Account to maximise organic views and earned media views of Promoted Videos with autoplay, which delivered video content directly to users’ Twitter feeds. Targeting was tailored to specific Promoted Videos, and aimed at a male or female audience as appropriate to increase relevance and engagement.

Use rich media to boost engagement.

The company created a number of 90-second videos around a central theme: Whether you like your life or not, you’ll always love a Mandolin bar. The videos featured celebrities and situations that the audience would find easy to identify with. These videos — also used as television adverts — increased audience interest and were shared widely across Twitter. included video content that was exclusive to Twitter, achieving even higher engagement rates.

Broaden targeting to reach a wide audience.

  used broad targeting to reach as many consumers as possible, using geotargeting to get an Egyptian audience. Some videos were also targeted by gender, as they were created to appeal specifically to men or women.

Use creative hashtags.

employed a number of hashtags to create positive associations and to get its audience thinking and talking about a range of issues. Some examples of hashtags used were , and .

The success

’s campaign performed well above the KPIs set. It gained 4,602 followers, 40% over the KPI, at an average cost of $0.20 per follower. The campaign outperformed the KPI of 2.3-3% engagement rate for Promoted Tweets.    achieved engagement rates of over 4% on all Tweets, and 9.12% engagement rate for its best-performing Tweet.

The team

Starcom Mediavest Group () is a leading global marketing network that creates connected human experiences to benefit its clients.

We were looking for a different medium on which Mandolin can be present, find its target and create buzz with its controversial tonality. We picked Twitter! Obviously it was the right choice, as with a minimal budget we were very successful in outperforming all of the KPIs.

Asmaa Hassan () Senior Executive - Social, Starcom Mediavest Group

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