Case Study

A gaming app wins early adopters with Twitter’s mobile app promotion suite

Key results

The opportunity

German app publisher LOTUM wanted to quickly gain a large number of early adopters for its game    in the UK and US. Its target audience for    was well-connected digital natives, which it knew it could connect with at scale on Twitter.

The strategy

LOTUM used Twitter’s mobile app promotion suite for a large burst campaign. This approach entails launching numerous campaigns within a short timespan to maximise exposure and installs across target groups. LOTUM used keyword, interest and targeting to reach a primarily young and engaged mobile audience. With Twitter analytics, it tracked live install data, moving rapidly to optimise its targeting and creative content.

Go big with a large burst campaign.

  made its way into the top 10 in the US and UK iOS charts by running a large burst campaign. This meant targeting numerous audiences at the same time, so that large numbers of Twitter users installed the app during a short period. More installations meant more playing, and more playing meant more word of mouth. This burst of buzz spread news of further, faster.

Drive engagement with questions and humour.

As a humorous quiz app,    was able to use its existing content to engage on Twitter, posing questions from the game itself within Image App Cards. This gave a taste of the app, encouraged Retweets to extend organic reach, and made it easy for users to install the app with a single click. 

Target a receptive audience.

Because    challenges users to show how well they know their friends and family, it reached prospects by targeting keywords such as "friend," "best friend, " "besties," "boyfriend," and "girlfriend."

To connect with a young audience eager to explore new apps, it targeted of popular social apps represented on Twitter. It also targeted interests common to a younger audience, such as bars and nightlife, DJs, pop music, films and television, and of course, mobile and online gaming.

The success

LOTUM’s CPI for    was 30% lower on Twitter than on its other advertising channels. During  ’s initial campaigns in the UK and US, there were points at which Twitter users comprised 50% of its total volume. Almost 75% of Twitter users who completed  ’s tutorial went on to register within the app. And    made it into the top 10 in both the UK and US iOS app charts.

Twitter played a significant role achieving a top 10 position in the iPhone overall charts in the USA as well as the UK. From the integration of our tracking tool with Twitter's dashboard, to the setting up of campaigns, to campaign optimisation, the entire process ran without a hitch.

Jens Abke, Co-founder and CEO, LOTUM

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