Case Study

A burger chain serves up Promoted Video and media-rich content to build buzz

Key results

The opportunity

Canadian burger chain A&W Canada () wanted to resurrect its beloved brand ambassador, Ryan the clumsy trainee, and drive mass awareness among a younger audience that craves innovation. The burger restaurant needed to convert a former TV campaign to mobile and engage digital-savvy consumers with quick clips that inspired the "burger spirit."

The strategy

 used Promoted Video and delivered media-rich content, tailored to mobile devices, to spark interest among the online community. Promoted Videos allowed the brand to engage with  fans using a series of videos featuring the burger-loving Ryan.  used Promoted Tweets with the hashtag  to encourage interaction and create buzz by tempting burger fans with a free offer.

Use innovative tools to share a story.

used Promoted Video to tell the story of the character, Ryan, and quickly capture the attention of burger fans on mobile devices. Twitter’s autoplay allowed to deliver rich video clips that automatically played, without volume, in timelines across Twitter, increasing the impact and engagement. Users could click on the media to enter full-screen viewing with audio.

Entice influencers who share your brand values.

wanted to bring back the comedic brand ambassador and rally the support of existing and new users on mobile devices. The quick-service restaurant created humorous content to drive awareness and build brand affinity among Canadian adults. To maximize participation among a broad audience, the brand focused the campaign around the hashtag , reflecting the feeling of sinking your teeth into a juicy burger. then used keyword targeting such as "burger," "hungry," and "comedian," and the of competitor brands.

Optimize content specific to the platform.

 needed to find a way to engage users on their mobile devices. The brand created a series of short-form videos, optimized for mobile, quickly grabbing the interest of fans on handheld devices. To further increase engagement, the brand offered coupons to mobile users that wanted to "Help Ryan out by claiming 1 of 100,000 free Sriracha Teen Burgers."

The success

By providing a fresh stream of brand-relevant and entertaining content, the campaign proved to be positive for . The legendary burger chain achieved a peak engagement rate of 27% during the two-week campaign, and drove a low cost per video (CPV) of $0.04. Content featuring Ryan attracted a large audience of burger fans, with almost 50,000 video views.

The team

Rethink () is a creative agency with offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

Our strength in this campaign was our social media-first mindset. We created short clips that made sense without sound and all content was tailored to the mobile experience. You have to think about the content and platform, where it’s going to live, and then optimize it for that platform. As a result, the campaign on Twitter exceeded our expectations.

Julia Cutt, Assistant Marketing Manager, Social Media, A&W Food Services of Canada

Solutions used

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