Optimise at scale

Create, edit and manage multiple campaigns at once.

Managing large-scale campaigns isn’t nearly as time-consuming as you might think, thanks to the Twitter Ads editor. Using Ads editor and ad groups, you can build, test, optimise and measure several campaigns at the same time with just a few clicks.

You can implement your strategies in bulk, making it easy to build timely campaigns around events, trends and holidays. Increase performance by easily testing different targeting or creative tactics in less time, and with more precision. The feature also streamlines optimisation by letting you make changes across an entire marketing strategy in a few simple steps. Just download a spreadsheet of the campaigns you want to modify, make the changes in Excel and upload the updated spreadsheet. Twitter Ads editor applies your changes instantly.

Twitter's entire campaign structure is designed for maximum efficiency. Use Ads editor and ad groups to keep on top of every detail for every one of your campaigns. 

For us [Ads editor] is a massive help as we are dealing with uploads and optimisations across large volumes of campaigns every day, so it has definitely proven time effective.”

Giovanni Sarazani () Biddable Associate Director, Precision Marketing, Starcom Mediavest Group

Strategies to help you face this challenge

Ads Editor

A tool tailored for larger advertisers who want to manage and optimise many campaigns at scale.

Ad Groups

An added feature for Twitter’s power users, advertisers can create and organise ad groups by any combination of audience segment, bid level, or creative type to better control spend and flighting schedule.