Expanding reach

Connect to an influential, engaged audience.

The most influential people come to Twitter to create and consume content. And not just well-known publishers, brands and celebrities — over 800 million visitors from around the world come to Twitter each month to discover and share what’s new.*


increase in potential spend by customers when a business responds on Twitter.

Source: Applied Marketing Science for Twitter Jan–July 2016

Twitter gives you the unique opportunity to reach an engaged, influential audience live, wherever they are and whenever it matters most.

Our solutions allow you to seamlessly reach people in the moment, when they're most engaged with their passions. All of the rich content that users are creating on Twitter — and the actions they take off Twitter — are powerful signals you can use.

Our solutions also allow you to reach Twitter's premium audience with increased relevance. With our targeting suite you can tap into users' passion points around events and cultural moments, while our Promoted Trends and First View products enable you to achieve massive audience reach on the dates that are most critical to your brand.


more likely to recommend a business after receiving a response.

Source: Applied Marketing Science for Twitter Jan–July 2016

Strategies to help you face this challenge

Promoted Trends

A high impact, 24-hour takeover of the home of real-time discovery: the top of the Trends list (desktop) and the second spot in search results (mobile), which drives sustained awareness and conversation for your brand.

First View

A mass reach opportunity that gives you exclusive ownership of Twitter’s most valuable advertising real estate for 24 hours. The top ad slot in timeline will be your brand’s.

Twitter Audience Platform

Easily extend your campaigns to reach both Twitter users and non-Twitter users on thousands of popular mobile apps.

Brand Hub

Understand your brand’s share of conversation, what people are saying about your brand and who your most engaged audiences are so you can successfully promote your brand on Twitter.

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