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Best in Class: Twitter marketing campaigns for Ramadan

Twitter is the place to go if you want to make your brand relevant during the holy month of Ramadan. These Twitter marketing case studies are just a few examples from 2019.

Case Study

Mrsool boosts its reach on Twitter by connecting with Ramadan

See how innovative delivery app Mrsool used In-Stream Video Sponsorship to maximise its reach across Twitter and capture the hype of the Ramadan season.


Study shows average Twitter Ads ROI is 40% higher than other channels

How effective are Twitter campaigns? New Marketing Mix Modeling studies covering two years of Twitter activity for four clients in three markets show Twitter marketing campaigns deliver a higher ROI.

Case Study

App-based car service wins with a combination of branding and performance

Read about how app-based car service Careem, successfully ran parallel branding and performance campaigns in KSA on Twitter.

Case Study

Playrix brings high-value consumers back to its apps with Twitter

Read about how Playrix brought high-value users back to its apps with a re-engagement campaign on the Twitter Audience Platform.

Case Study

A mobile game wins fans in a new market with Mobile App Cards

See how Chinese gaming company ONEMT targeted new users in the Middle East through creative content on Twitter.

Case Study

InfoJobs shows leadership, builds community and wins new users with

See how Spanish job site showed leadership, built community and won new app users with its on Twitter.

Case Study

Online casino acquires new players and drives mobile app installs

See how an online casino used Twitter's mobile app promotion suite to win first-time players and quality app installs.

Case Study

How uses mobile app promotion to re-engage mobile shoppers

See how Gilt surpassed the industry’s average app click rate by 85% by using Twitter’s mobile app promotion suite to target app users.

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