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Case Study

BMW drives emotional appeal for its i8 Roadster on Twitter

See how found Twitter was the perfect platform when the auto brand wanted to boost awareness and positive emotional appeal for its i8 Roadster.

Case Study

Land Rover turns to Twitter for the launch of the new Land Rover Defender

See how Land Rover made the big reveal for the launch of its highly anticipated new Land Rover Defender on Twitter.


Best in Class: Twitter marketing campaigns for Ramadan

Twitter is the place to go if you want to make your brand relevant during the holy month of Ramadan. These Twitter marketing case studies are just a few examples from 2019.

Case Study

Toyota uses literature and Twitter to connect with the Saudi youth audience

Twitter marketing case study for Saudi Arabia showing how Toyota engaged with Saudi youth using Twitter advertising and literature.

Case Study

LexusKSA links with premium content providers to build awareness during Ramadan

Saudia Arabia Twitter advertising case study showing how Lexus used Twitter to generate over 10 million video views during the holy month of Ramadan.


How potential car buyers and fans Tweet about the automotive sector

Twitter is one of the top places for prospective car buyers and car fans to connect and talk about all things automotive. This article looks at who they are and what brands they’re talking about.

Case Study

Honda UK brings a bold Civic to new audiences with Niche

Learn how Honda UK used video content from Twitter’s network of Niche influencers to introduce new audiences to the Civic.

Case Study

Lexus in KSA expanded reach to females by tapping into the moment of the driving ban lift

Learn how Lexus in KSA successfully expanded its reach among female audiences by tapping into the historic moment of the driving ban lift..

Case Study

Auto Trader builds sentiment and drives traffic with a clever World Cup campaign

Learn how Auto Trader combined a competition, video, automation, and sponsorship to meet its World Cup goals on Twitter.

Best in Class

: some of the most creative MENA campaigns on Twitter

: some of the most creative MENA campaigns on Twitter.

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