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Case Study

Carlsberg UK turns mean Tweets into an opportunity to launch its new brew

Learn how Carlsberg UK turned “mean Tweets” about its beer into a successful Twitter campaign using First View video and a Promoted Moment to launch its new Danish Pilsner.


Twitter changes the live TV sports viewing experience

New research shows how brands can gain greater engagement with sports fans by leveraging Twitter during live TV sporting events.


Study shows average Twitter Ads ROI is 40% higher than other channels

How effective are Twitter campaigns? New Marketing Mix Modeling studies covering two years of Twitter activity for four clients in three markets show Twitter marketing campaigns deliver a higher ROI.


From TVs to beertails: how chatbots help brands engage consumers on Twitter

Discover how Wendy’s, MTV, Patrón, and other brands are engaging consumers using chatbots on Twitter.

Case Study

How beer brand ‎ used Periscope to engage Londoners on Twitter

Read about how used Periscope and personality to build brand awareness on Twitter.

Best in Class

Creativity at Cannes 2017

Take a look at a few Cannes 2017 award winners that used Twitter to great effect.

Case Study

St-Germain crafts an artistic, fleeting experience on Periscope

See how St-Germain Liqueur used Periscope to create an innovative "live peep show" that produced positive sentiment around the brand.

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