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Case Study

Tayto Ireland uses Twitter to support a nationwide, cross-channel campaign

See how Twitter helped Tayto Ireland draw attention to its pop-up shop, an on-pack competition and its TV ads.

Case Study

STA Travel UK reaches a new audience and increases awareness of its brand

See how STA Travel UK used Twitter’s targeting tools to attract a hard-to-reach demographic.

Case Study uses Twitter to deliver timely career advice to millennials

Learn how the UK’s leading job site used Twitter to reach the millennial market.

Case Study

South African insurer Discovery generates awareness and buzz for its health event

Learn how South African insurer Discovery generated buzz for its health event through Periscope and influencer Tweets.

Case Study

Orange Polska builds awareness of its summer prepaid offer among a younger audience

Learn how Orange Polska reached a younger demographic and promoted a summer offer through Twitter.

Case Study

Aberdeen Asset Management uses Twitter Amplify to reach millions of golf fans

Read how Aberdeen Asset Management used Twitter Amplify to reach millions of golf fans and make the most of a tournament sponsorship.

Case Study

Cheetos Arabia creates hype for its spicy new flavours

Learn how Twitter helped Cheetos Saudi Arabia engage its target age group through comic strips and flavour Poll Cards.

Case Study

Nutella turns a creative idea into an increase in engagement during Christmas

Learn how Nutella used an interactive game to engage with Italian Twitter users during Christmas.

Case Study

Pepins creates excitement around a unique crowdfunding project with video on Twitter

Learn how Swedish crowdfunding platform Pepins used Promoted Video on Twitter as it raised over $11 million for an IPO.

Case Study

Co-op Insurance uses video to introduce an offer and get users to share content

See how Co-op Insurance used a Promoted Video, a Twitter-based competition, and a live event to reach a new audience.

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