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Case Study

Cancer Research UK uses Twitter video to launch a nationwide conversation

Learn how Cancer Research UK used Twitter Video Polls and Video Website Cards to start a nationwide conversation about an important health issue.


Find the most valuable audiences at their most receptive on Twitter:

We’ve launched our new global identity in the UK. Twitter connects brands with the most valuable audiences when they’re most receptive.

Case Study

New Look adds scale and engagement to a cross-channel campaign with Twitter

Read about how fashion retailer New Look used Twitter to drive scale and engagement for its cross-channel Christmas campaign.

Case Study

Marks & Spencer lifts brand metrics by bringing its Christmas campaign to Twitter

Read about how Marks & Spencer lifted brand association, favourability and recall by bringing its Christmas campaign to Twitter.

Case Study

Guinness wins big by going live during Six Nations rugby

Learn how Guinness GB won engagement, views, and sales by going live during Six Nations rugby with its Will Greenwood Series.

Case Study

William Hill boosts brand engagement and wins new customers during the World Cup

See how William Hill scored big during the World Cup by capitalising on the buzz to gain new customers and increase positive sentiment.

Case Study

Akbank grows credit card market share with a smart mobile performance campaign

Learn how Akbank used mobile performance marketing on Twitter to grow market share for its credit card.

Case Study

Rani hits the target with its World Cup campaign

Learn how Rani succeeded in building brand engagement and boosting sales by tapping into people’s strong interest in football

Best in Class

: a roundup of our favourite campaigns across MENA

MENA brands and businesses continue to lead the way with their ingenuity on Twitter. From a world exhibition in 2020 to a virtual space for encouragement and inspiration, here are some of the region’s most exciting recent campaigns.


Want your next launch to make a huge impact?

There are many ways to launch a campaign on Twitter. This article takes you through some of the key steps that brands can employ to make sure their Twitter launch makes a real impact.

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