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Why mobile optimised video works on Twitter

Advertisers are increasingly integrating shorter, mobile-optimised videos into their campaigns to get their message across.

Case Study

STC launches its revamped pre-paid brand identity with a world first on Twitter

Learn how STC launched its SAWA prepaid brand identity on Twitter with a world-first campaign strategy.

Case Study

Trebor drives awareness, sales, and humour with an insight-led campaign

Learn how mint brand Trebor drove awareness and sales with its audience insight-led video campaign on Twitter.

Case Study

Jabal Omar engages its audience around Ramadan moments

Learn how Jabal Omar Development Company used video on Twitter, First View with Promoted Trend, and a Like to Remind campaign to gather a highly engaged audience around Ramadan moments.

Case Study

Saudi Telecom Company turns to Twitter to share the love on Saudi National Day

How Saudi telecoms company STC used Twitter to build community, drive website visits, and share the love on Saudi National Day.

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Rackspace UK Tweets to engage IT decision-makers at VMworld

Learn how Rackspace used Promoted Tweets to engage IT decision-makers at VMworld 2018.

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Is a Big Mac with bacon ? McDonald's launched on Twitter to find out

See how McDonald’s UK launched the Big Mac Bacon and got Twitter talking with First View, Promoted Tweets, and Conversation Cards.

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How Deemah Tea Biscuits increased sales during Ramadan using Promoted Video and a Promoted Trend

See how Saudi brand Deemah Tea Biscuits used Twitter Promoted Video and Promoted Trend to build its market share during Ramadan.

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Bank AlJazira wins with In-Stream Video Sponsorship during the Italian Supercoppa Final

Read about how Bank AlJazira partnered with GSAKSA, running In-Stream Video Ads during the Supercoppa Final between Juventus and AC Milan to bring its Multi-Currency Card to a wide and engaged audience on Twitter.

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