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Case Study

How Deemah Tea Biscuits increased sales during Ramadan using Promoted Video and a Promoted Trend

See how Saudi brand Deemah Tea Biscuits used Twitter Promoted Video and Promoted Trend to build its market share during Ramadan.


How to get your launch in front of its target customer

There are many ways to launch a campaign on Twitter in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. This article takes you through some of the key steps that brands can employ to make sure their Twitter launch makes a real impact.

Case Study

Rani hits the target with its World Cup campaign

Learn how Rani succeeded in building brand engagement and boosting sales by tapping into people’s strong interest in football

Best in Class

: a roundup of our favourite campaigns across MENA

MENA brands and businesses continue to lead the way with their ingenuity on Twitter. From a world exhibition in 2020 to a virtual space for encouragement and inspiration, here are some of the region’s most exciting recent campaigns.

Case Study

Lexus in KSA expanded reach to females by tapping into the moment of the driving ban lift

Learn how Lexus in KSA successfully expanded its reach among female audiences by tapping into the historic moment of the driving ban lift..

Best in Class

: some of the most creative MENA campaigns on Twitter

: some of the most creative MENA campaigns on Twitter.

Case Study

Bank AlJazira drives a dramatic increase in credit card sign-ups with First View

Learn how Bank AlJazira used First View with a Promoted Trend on Twitter to drive sign-ups and use of its Ajwaa credit card.

Case Study

Emaar Dubai goes live on New Year’s Eve, inspiring a global audience and breaking a new Guinness World Record

Read about how Emaar Dubai inspired and engaged a global audience by live-streaming its New Year's Eve laser show on Twitter.

Best in Class

: Some of the most creative MENA campaigns on Twitter

Some of the most creative MENA campaigns on Twitter.

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