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Case Study

A bank uses Twitter to support a TV documentary and drive conversation among sport fans

See how Twitter helped Irish bank AIB get sports fans excited about the GAA Club Championship.

Case Study

Lidl UK invites shoppers to Tweet prices down at Christmas

Read about how Lidl UK used Conversational Ads on Twitter to let their customers drive prices down.

Case Study

Vodafone promotes its connection to the Summertime Ball and attracts young fans

See how Vodafone engaged young music fans in a Twitter competition and built on its association with a London festival.

Best in Class

: a roundup of our favourite campaigns across MENA

MENA brands and businesses continue to lead the way with their ingenuity on Twitter. From a world exhibition in 2020 to a virtual space for encouragement and inspiration, here are some of the region’s most exciting recent campaigns.

Case Study

Samsung UK uses Twitter to host a nationwide treasure hunt

See how Samsung UK used Twitter to reach consumers in real time for its treasure hunt event.

Case Study

Bank AlJazira drives a dramatic increase in credit card sign-ups with First View

Learn how Bank AlJazira used First View with a Promoted Trend on Twitter to drive sign-ups and use of its Ajwaa credit card.

Case Study

Fashion brand F&F uses Twitter Video to engage Irish women

Read about how fashion brand F&F Ireland used Twitter Video to grow its Twitter followers and boost engagement rates

Case Study

Cheetos Arabia creates hype for its spicy new flavours

Learn how Twitter helped Cheetos Saudi Arabia engage its target age group through comic strips and flavour Poll Cards.

Case Study

National Geographic NL reaches a wide audience using First View

See how National Geographic Netherlands attracted viewers to a new series with engaging video content on First View.

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