How people on Twitter are using TV and film to get through COVID-19

Our routines have been changed by COVID-19, and we’re looking for ways to keep ourselves entertained.

Unsurprisingly, there's a huge need for distraction and levity in the current climate, and the most popular activity keeping people entertained is TV and film.

73% of people are watching their fave shows/movies - this is the #1 ranked activity

We're still enjoying our regular programmes, so it's a good time for broadcasters to continue to launch new series of existing shows.

There's been a considerable rise in conversation around streaming services, and some of us even claim to have completed Netflix.

With a rise in streaming comes the need for recommendations.

Maybe out of a sense of nostalgia, we're also rewatching a lot of old favourites.

We’re seeing an evolution in how people are consuming content. With the launch of Disney+, people have an entire back catalogue of films to delve into, and they’re coming up with new ways to watch old favourites.

made people aware that Disney+ had something for everyone.

We’re also seeing an organic type of behaviour emerge on the platform in the form of and watch parties. People love to Tweet along live with others when watching TV, providing a much-needed sense of community.

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