Case Study

Xbox UK gets gamers excited for the Halo 5 launch with Promoted Trends

Key results

The opportunity

For the launch of the Halo 5 video game, Microsoft's Xbox UK () wanted to drive views of its new television ad on Twitter. It also wanted to create excitement by encouraging its target audience to get involved in the story.

The strategy

used as a Promoted Trend to generate widespread awareness of the launch of Halo 5. It backed the Trend with image-based Tweets and GIFs to introduce the game’s new character: Agent Locke.

The brand followed the Trend with Promoted Video to generate views for its two video teasers and 60-second trailer. The teasers told the Halo story from two different points of view: that of Halo hero Master Chief and new character Locke. This twin-track approach set up ’s use of a Twitter Polling Card, which asked gamers to pick a side and back either the Chief or Locke.

Additionally, the campaign used a range of Twitter targeting including keyword and targeting to reach gamers on the platform. It targeted followers of top platform games such as and ' BioShock. used tailored audiences to retarget users on Twitter who had visited the site recently and so were highly likely to be interested in promoted Halo content.

Use a Twitter Polling Card to involve users.

Using a Twitter Polling Card proved to be a powerful way for  to create curiosity and engage users in the campaign. It motivated them to make a choice and naturally sparked conversation and buzz around the launch of Halo 5.

This not only encouraged Twitter users to engage with , but once they had voted they were able to share the 60-second video with their followers. This allowed  to increase its earned reach in an innovative way.

Use Promoted Video to spread excitement.

Using Promoted Video is a proven way to increase engagement and generate excitement.  found that its audience not only wanted to watch this content, but also was keen to share it with their friends.

Use a hashtag to convey a strong message.

The Halo 5 campaign centred around the hashtag. This set up the game’s story and explained the idea behind campaign in simple terms. The hashtag conveyed a strong message that spurred people to action.

The success

The Promoted Trend aspect of the campaign exceeded expectations and hit the campaign’s KPI of mass awareness. It generated 23M trend impressions and Tweets in the timeline generated a further 3.1M impressions.

The Promoted Tweets, including Promoted Video, generated in excess of 8.1M impressions and 106K video views with a CPV that was 50% below internal benchmarks. The campaign racked up almost 2K Retweets and more than 3K likes and achieved a CPE that was 20% lower than industry average.

The Polling Card also proved to be a strong performer with over 2.8K votes cast. Users really engaged with the hashtag and created 21K plus mentions of  on the day the videos were released.

The use of the Polling Card was a first for Microsoft and it showed us that our customers were willing to not only engage, but were happy to redistribute our video content with their followers and therefore become brand ambassadors for Halo. It definitely exceeded our expectations.

Kuran Kapoor, Senior Category Manager, Microsoft

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