Case Study

Virgin Mobile Australia feeds the hungry with a hashtag

Key results

The opportunity

 has a partnership with charity , which redirects surplus food from restaurants and other commercial suppliers to charities that feed people in need. The brand’s ongoing  drive had a two-year target of 400,000 meals delivered. The telecom company wanted to revamp an earlier campaign to increase consumer engagement and boost brand awareness.

The strategy

 pivoted strategy from the prior year’s campaign, which used Promoted Tweets and a Promoted Trend to extend reach and results. The brand chose to use Twitter’s enhanced ad products to get the message out to a wider audience. Through the Twitter Audience Platform,  extended the campaign beyond Twitter to drive engagement across targeted mobile applications. It used a Promoted Trend () to engage the interest of people who hadn’t heard of the drive, Promoted Tweets with Gallery Cards, and Promoted Videos featuring celebrities to draw attention to the campaign.

Use rich media to deliver novelty to already-engaged audiences.

created numerous videos and interactive Promoted Tweets to deliver its message to audiences in new and attention-grabbing ways. Promoted Tweets with rich media content and Promoted Videos featuring autoplay delivered the highest engagement rates compared to text-only Tweets and video links. A video of celebrity chef Guillaume Brahimi () baking his famous soufflé proved popular, attracting users keen for tips on making the perfect soufflé.

Take advantage of Twitter Audience Platform to broaden your reach.

used the Twitter Audience Platform to extend the campaign’s reach beyond Twitter to users of popular mobile apps. Users could engage with the content with a simple tap. Videos distributed through the Twitter Audience Platform achieved more than a 30% view rate. Users could also Retweet and Like content directly from the Twitter Audience Platform ads, further increasing the reach of .

Use a compelling hashtag to appeal to your target audience.

used the hashtag to communicate its primary message — that for every meal photo uploaded with the hashtag, a meal would be delivered to someone in need. The brand also used as its Promoted Trend to grow awareness of the cause. It targeted foodies and people interested in charitable causes to generate engagement.

Tailor your targeting to boost engagement.

worked with Twitter to find the best targeting options to find people who would likely be inspired by the drive. The brand used interest targeting on diverse topics like "bed & breakfast," "Italian cuisine" and "elder care." targeting extended the reach of the campaign to followers of food-related television shows like and charities like .

The success

 achieved more than 1.1 million impressions and 176,000 engagements for its Promoted Tweets—with an average engagement rate of 15.29% and a cost per engagement (CPE) of $0.11. This was a significant improvement over the previous year’s already strong campaign results. Promoted Videos achieved over 2.3 million impressions and almost 590,000 video views, delivering a cost per view of $0.08 and a 25.28% view rate. Videos included in the Twitter Audience Platform achieved more than 1.5 million impressions and almost 490,000 video views, leading to a 31.29% view rate and $0.06 cost per view (CPV).

The team

 partnered with MediaVest Australia (), a marketing agency that specialises in digital marketing solutions.

It was lovely to see people's excitement about the campaign and to know they feel the need to give back... It wasn't just the number of participants that I enjoyed seeing, but the sheer positive sentiment around the campaign. It was great to have conversations in real time with fans and influencers across Australia.

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