Case Study

Three ways a telecom provider built goodwill and reached millions with Twitter

Key results

The opportunity

Saudi Arabian telecommunications service provider Saudi Telecom Company ()  wanted to build brand reputation and good will in the community. The brand sought to reach consumers without employing a direct tactical sales agenda. With Ramadan approaching, sought to associate itself with the holy month and engage with a wider audience.

The strategy

  reached out with the Promoted Trend    to highlight activities in the holy city of Mecca during Ramadan. The Promoted Trend was targeted at four countries: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait and the UAE.    also used Promoted Tweets to amplify its message across those countries.

Celebrate a special occasion in real time to drive engagement.

The holy month of Ramadan is a special occasion in Saudi Arabia and for Muslims around the world.    started a positive conversation around the month and shared live video broadcasts of Muslim worshippers in Mecca during Ramadan to engage a regional audience.

Create a Promoted Trend that involves the audience.

launched as a Promoted Trend to showcase how Ramadan was being celebrated in Mecca, an epicenter of the Muslim faith. Users were encouraged to share their own pictures and stories of Ramadan in Mecca. Other brands joined the conversation to thank for sharing a positive message about Mecca and Islam, contributing to the buzz and good will surrounding the campaign.

Share compelling video content through Promoted Tweets for expanded reach.

created video content explaining the significance of going to Mecca for Muslims and shared it under the hashtag. The brand also used Promoted Tweets to expand the reach of its engaging content to new audiences across four countries.

The success

’s campaign was received positively by its audience, with real-time listening tools suggesting that 100% of user engagements were positive. The brand benefited from 15 million impressions, 1.9 million mentions of the Promoted Trend  , and an engagement rate of 7.2% that generated a cost per engagement (CPE) of USD $0.08. Account mentions doubled over the norm, and new daily followers jumped by 50%.  ’s primary Tweet under the Promoted Trend reached 5.6 million users in just three days.

The team

Starcom Mediavest Group ()  is a global advertising and media agency that assists brands with strategy, planning, digital representation, data, analytics and research.

We set out to achieve one goal — get the STC Twitter community to amplify a trend by geopromoting for the world to experience the serenity of Islam during the live prayer broadcast from Mecca on the eve of the 27th of Ramadan. This created positive sentiment and engaged followers.

Solutions used

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