Case Study

Telecom firm Orange dials up excitement for its 4G service with a Vine campaign

Key results

The opportunity

With the arrival of 4G in France, telecommunications company @Orange_France wanted to excite customers and create buzz to encourage take-up of its new faster 4G service.

The strategy

Working from the premise that people love engaging with celebrities, @Orange_France, along with digital agency armstrong, developed an idea whereby a group of four comedians, including @tsamere and @BerengereKrief, would respond instantly to fun challenges from customers using Vine.

During a six-hour window, Twitter users were asked to post challenges for the comedians using the #4G6s (4G six seconds) hashtag. In response, the comedians responded personally to a select number of requests and created a unique Vine video that was also posted on Twitter.

During the course of the day there were hundreds of suggestions for the comedians as @Orange_France backed the #4G6s campaign with a Promoted Trend and Promoted Tweets. There was also wider support for the campaign from other social media channels, including Facebook and Foursquare, as well as blogger outreach.

Use hashtags to cement brand awareness.

@Orange_France used Twitter and Vine to create awareness of its 4G service and reinforced this message in its hashtag by creating a campaign called #4G6s.

Encourage participation and offer consumers great content.

@Orange_France began with a strong creative idea that sparked initial consumer interest. The brand then built on this as it rewarded consumers with great personalised content, which was much appreciated by its target audience.

Stay top of mind with Promoted Tweets.

Promoted Tweets keep your business front and center with your followers. @Orange_France used Promoted Tweets in timelines to keep conversation about its campaign going and spur fresh engagement.

The success

The use of creative content and celebrity personalities paid off for @Orange_France, which was one of the first brands to use Vine in France. In the process it attracted hundreds of new followers. In addition to this, there were thousands of usernames and hashtag mentions and 12.2 million trend impressions.

In all, @Orange_France’s team of comedians posted 145 Vine videos, some of which were widely shared on Twitter. This helped @Orange_France achieve 5.2 million earned media impressions.

What impressed us the most was the strong, and especially quick, engagement from the Twitter users... Twitter brings the power and the possibility for anybody to interact easily and Vine provides an additional event and creative layer. It constitutes a new creative standard in itself.

Philippe Duhot (@Phil2en1) Brand Content & Social Media Planning, Orange France

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