Case Study

OnePlus goes live and reaches millions with a winning smartphone launch

Key results

The opportunity

Every month brings new smartphone models, but October 2018 was a particularly competitive time for the category, as a number of heavy hitters were introducing new devices.

Among all this buzz, OnePlus (), a relatively young smartphone brand, was launching its OnePlus 6T. The new OnePlus 6T retained the advantages of previous T models while adding features for a better experience at only a slightly higher price.

Determined to have the last word – and remain top-of-mind during the upcoming holiday season – scheduled its launch event for the end of the month.

To make the most of its launch, turned to the platform where people go to talk about what’s happening in tech: Twitter. It devised a strategy to drive awareness, conversation, and video views among a leaned-in and highly influential tech community on Twitter.

The strategy

used Twitter to build anticipation for its launch, as well as to stream the live New York City event to fans all over the world. It ran a campaign across seven handles, covering the US and European markets.

A month in advance of the launch event, began driving ticket sales and tune-in. After teasing the launch with a short video Tweet, used a Video Website Card to invite people to get their tickets to the NYC event. And for those who wouldn’t be attending in person, announced that the launch would be live-streamed. By Liking the announcement Tweet, fans could request a personal reminder when the event stream started.

To add an extra element of delight, and to encourage talkability, created a custom emoji to appear when fans Tweeted the campaign hashtags , , , and .

On launch day, used a Twitter Live Event page to curate the conversation, giving fans a single destination for high-quality viewing and on-brand messaging.

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Build pre-launch buzz.

Carefully cultivating anticipation with its teaser, announcement, and then invitations, stimulated fans’ curiosity and sustained conversation in the lead-up to its launch.

Capture attention with video.

From its initial teaser Tweet to its reminders to live-stream the launch event, used the power of video to stand out in fans’ timelines and deliver an immersive message.

Open new lines of communication.

Inviting fans to opt-in to event reminders with a simple Like, initiated one-to-one conversations with its most interested and engaged prospects.

Go live.

By live-streaming its event on Twitter, brought the excitement of the NYC launch to a worldwide audience. And through its live event page, fans can continue to view and discuss the launch.

The success

In an especially intense competitive landscape, succeeded in capturing attention for its brand and driving conversation and video views for its launch. ’s results show why Twitter has become the go-to platform for successful debuts.

Over the week leading up to the launch, achieved over 31 million brand impressions, and its share of voice (SOV) increased by 4%. On launch day, saw its share of voice (SOV) and talkability double. As the conversation blossomed over those 24 hours, it included over 120,000 mentions of ’s brand. Sentiment analysis showed 97% positive-neutral conversations.

The launch event boasted five million video views. Live viewers made up 60% of those views, with the remaining 40% watching on replay. The valuable, hard-to-reach younger audience (35 and below) made up 57% of the launch viewership.

A Nielsen Brand Effect Study showed that saw sustained lifts in key brand metrics after promoting the launch on Twitter. People who were exposed to ’s Tweets showed a 12 pp (percentage point) lift in Tweet recall and an 18 pp lift in brand awareness. And those who recalled Tweets showed a 16 pp lift in purchase consideration compared to those who did not. Meanwhile, people who engaged with ’s Tweets showed a significant 55 pp lift in Tweet recall, along with a 45 pp lift in brand awareness, and a 17 pp lift in intent to purchase the in the next six months.

Twitter is not only a social solution provider, but also a truly long-term partner to OnePlus. Launching live on Twitter let us connect with our audience at the right moment in real time. As our great video view and brand metrics show, we raised massive positive awareness and met our launch goals.

Jie JIANG, Chief Brand Strategy Officer, OnePlus

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