Case Study

How spread the news about its app on Twitter

Key results

The opportunity

 wanted to find a way to launch the newest release of the Wall Street Journal iOS app, which delivers readers breaking news, analysis, and video, in Asia-Pacific. Since competition for branded news apps is intense,  needed a way to cut through the online clutter and drive uptake.

The strategy

As  found that Twitter followers tend be more engaged with news and current events, Twitter was a key component of the campaign, which also included digital display and search activity.

 took advantage of Twitter’s mobile app promotion suite along with its device targeting capabilities to showcase the  app on iPhones and iPads. It used Promoted Tweets with the Image App Card to drive app installs, while targeting options allowed the brand to reach the right audience in target countries across the Asia-Pacific region.

Clearly define your target audience. 

Twitter’s clear set of targeting options allowed to connect with a highly relevant audience through the use of keyword targeting, interest targeting and the username . Geotargeting spanned its eight core markets of Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Japan. In addition, targeted people who used Twitter on a new Apple device within one month of purchase, as this timeframe is when users are most active in downloading apps.

Use simple, direct messaging with an offer. 

The Twitter App Install Card allowed ‬ to effectively showcase its new mobile application’s look and feel. Tweet copy provided additional context about why users should download the iOS app, such as “Get the world-class reporting you need.”. Additional copy highlighted that the app was offered complimentary with a subscription, and with a free trial period of one month.

Use mobile app promotion to drive cost-effective installs.

used Twitter’s mobile app promotion suite to take advantage of the powerful targeting capabilities and connect with an engaged audience that was receptive to the app. The newspaper saw a high volume of installs at a low CPI (cost per install). By tracking the number of app installs, and making midcampaign targeting adjustments according to the results, was able to improve the efficiency of the campaign.

The success

Over the course of the campaign, Twitter drove 70% of total app installs, over 2.5 times more installs than the next best-performing channel. Moreover, the cost per install was 39% lower than the target figure for the campaign.

The team

Httpool (​), an international cross-channel advertising solution provider focusing on international markets, offers a broad range of proprietary display, video, and rich media products, as well as performance solutions to manage SEM, display, and social media across mobile and desktop devices.

The targeting capabilities of Twitter allowed us to reach an audience of news-interested users across a wide range of APAC markets. Twitter's mobile app promotion suite was a natural vehicle to drive installs of the new WSJ app more cost-effectively than any other mobile platform.

Bryan Turpin () Head of Subscriber Marketing and e-Commerce, The Wall Street Journal Asia

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