Case Study

How uses Twitter Ads campaigns to drive cost-efficient site traffic

Key results

The opportunity

eBay () has long used Twitter as a tool to announce brand-forward information. Recently, it also became interested in Twitter’s potential to drive millennial shoppers to its site in a cost-efficient, scalable way. To test the platform,  used two Twitter Ads campaigns in consecutive quarters to promote consumer electronics, sporting goods, and motor-related products.

The strategy

“We first tried to solve for traffic and then focused on reducing cost per link click (CPLC),” explains Ninad Wagle, who manages Twitter and emerging social media channels at .

 started by partnering with Brand Networks (), a digital marketing agency, to develop creative content showcasing ’s Daily Deals products as well as other special promotions. Next,  distributed the content on Twitter to millennials using a variety of rich media ad formats and targeting options.

Drive traffic on mobile with rich media ads. 

To drive site traffic, used two types of Twitter Ad formats, Promoted Tweets with images and Website Cards. Promoted Tweets with images help businesses amplify their Tweets to a wider audience and drive engagement, and Website Cards enable businesses to drive relevant traffic by showing users an image from their website paired with a clear call to action.

and wanted users to be able to understand both types of Tweet at a glance to reduce irrelevant traffic. They kept Tweet text minimal and used straightforward product images and simple calls to action.

Zero in on millennials. 

made sure that its ads reached millennials, its target audience, by using keyword and interest targeting. Keyword targeting allows brands to connect with users based on words and phrases they’ve recently Tweeted or searched for or that appear in Tweets with which they’ve recently engaged. Similarly, interest targeting lets brands reach users based on the topics they connect and engage with on Twitter.

Optimise on a weekly basis. 

Every week, and analysed the campaign performance to learn not only which Twitter products and targeting solutions worked best to drive efficient site traffic, but also to understand which eBay products were of greatest interest to users. The team then optimised the campaign strategy accordingly. This regular adjustment enabled to quickly and dramatically increase site traffic while reducing its average CPLC.

The success

’s first test campaign indicated that Twitter Ads could be effective at driving high-quality, affordable traffic at scale and led the team to invest in a second campaign the following quarter. Thanks to optimisation efforts, this second campaign performed even better. Compared to the first campaign, it drove significantly more paid link clicks, reduced ’s average paid CPLC by 59%, and increased the average engagement rate by 365%.

The team

Brand Networks () is a provider of integrated social solutions and digital marketing services for brands.

Anything that is trending, trends on Twitter... As marketers, we have a massive opportunity to get into [those] conversations... and impact our bottom line. This campaign has opened our eyes in a data-based way to Twitter’s ability to drive traffic at scale.

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