Case Study

How did Heineken Brazil reinforce its brand values by inspiring adventure?

Key results

The opportunity

As part of its global campaign “Cities of the World”, Heineken Brazil () wanted to encourage people to unlock the secrets of their cities. São Paulo was next on the map. The brand saw the opportunity to build buzz and create brand awareness by providing a way for people to explore their cities like never before.

The strategy

used Promoted Tweets to invite customers to use the hashtag to receive real-time tips on hotspots. Information was delivered using geolocation services that tracked the location of the users and directed them to nearby places in São Paulo. also used tailored audiences to identify existing and prospective customers who were more likely to interact with the brand.

Focus on customer experience.

used Promoted Tweets to encourage customers to go on an adventure and explore the city in a new way. People who used the hashtag received exclusive tips of nearby places of interest in São Paulo, such as restaurants, music and art. This helped Heineken become even more relevant to its consumers. also transformed city clocks into Wi-Fi hotspots with the message: “Use our Wi-Fi and explore São Paulo. ,” so customers could easily Tweet and receive information in real time.

Use tailored audiences to optimise your audience. 

used tailored audiences to extend the reach of its message. It targeted people living in São Paulo, who enjoy travelling to big cities, value exclusivity and seek new adventures — all traits that connect with ’s brand DNA. To engage with a receptive audience, targeted a range of keywords, including “restaurant”, “bar”, “show”, “museum” and others. Targeting based on interests, such as music and radio, travelling, food and drink, sports and films and TV allowed it to get in front of people most likely to care about the brand.

Offer content in real time.

generated excitement by inviting users to explore São Paulo. People who Tweeted with the hashtag instantly received the names of nearby bars, restaurants and other attractions. These tips were created by specialists and sent to users through geolocation resources. continuously customised its creative content through Twitter’s real-time monitoring to further drive results.

The success

’s audience responded well to the campaign. With 4.4 million impressions and 39.2 thousand engagements, its average CPE was R$ 1.39 (approximately US$ 0.34). The lowest CPE was R$ 0.30 (about US$ 0.07) and the total number of clicks was 47,120.

The team

The campaign was made possible through a partnership with the agency Wieden+Kennedy ().

With Twitter, we transformed conversation into experience. One of its best features is the way we can easily track and measure customer interaction, delivering relevant content. Also, Twitter offers great potential to generate spontaneous media.

Solutions used

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