Case Study

Desigual puts fans in the front row at New York Fashion Week

Key results

The opportunity

New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion events in the world and Desigual (), an international clothing brand based in Barcelona, Spain, wanted to take the opportunity to engage with its customers in a way no other brand had ever done before.

To give an immersive and exclusive experience,  wanted to bring its customers one step closer to the action by projecting the show from a fashion editor's point of view and in the process, offer a unique and privileged access to the best content of the fashion world.

The strategy

In order to engage with customers in real time and bring them closer to the action,  used Periscope () to livestream its SS16 catwalk event, which this year was called “Learn.” Periscope offered the brand the opportunity to broadcast live globally, while allowing its followers to join and interact in the moment. To amplify Periscope's reach and generate buzz around this innovative streaming event, the brand divided its campaign, , on Twitter into three stages before, during, and after the show.

To generate pre-event excitement,  ran Promoted Tweets using Website Cards to drive traffic to its Periscope account and encourage users to download the app on their mobile devices.

One day before the show and on show day,  also ran Promoted Tweets with images extended to the Twitter Audience Platform. This allowed it to extend the reach of the campaign beyond Twitter and remind people they could get real-time updates on its SS16 show on . By combining Twitter and the Twitter Audience Platform, was able to increase the reach of the campaign to countries like France, Germany, and Italy while maintaining spend. The brand made sure to leverage the real-time nature of the platform by refreshing its creative and assuring its Tweets were as relevant as possible.

To maintain the momentum of the conversation, the post-show phase included video campaigns on Twitter. shared video highlights from the catwalk to extend the conversation about the show beyond the event.

Leverage buzz before, during, and after the show.

 increased awareness and engagement compared to previous shows by organising its  campaign around different stages. With this strategy, the brand was able to kick-start conversation the week before the show in key markets and prepare its audience for the main event. It was also able to extend the life of its campaign by allowing users to relive the catwalk stream after the show.

Adjust the product to your objective.

 optimised its strategy using a series of Twitter products at different campaign stages in order to reach specific objectives. To build awareness, it ran Promoted Tweets on Twitter and the Twitter Audience Platform; it encouraged users to download  using a Website Card; and it drove video views of its live-streaming show using a Video Card in its Promoted Tweets.

Use Periscope to give users an exclusive perspective.

 gave users an exclusive perspective of the show by using Twitter’s Periscope app to broadcast a live stream of its SS16 show. Events like New York Fashion Week provide the perfect opportunity to share an experience as it happens.

The success

With this campaign,  was the first Spanish retailer to use the Twitter Audience Platform. It's noteworthy that 12% of the overall impact  made at New York Fashion Week was through conversation about Periscope. The campaign generated coverage on a range of international media news sites including  and , the main Spanish public TV broadcaster. The brand achieved peak engagement of more than 17% in its post-show campaign and generated 10 million impressions across its core European markets at a cost per view of 0.03€.

 became one of the first brands in the world to do a live broadcast of its catwalk while simultaneously showing backstage action through the Periscope app. This innovative way of live broadcasting offers a whole new experience that enriches fans' experiences and helped push the company as innovators in the fashion world.

The team

 trusted  as their social media agency in order to successfully deploy the paid part of the campaign for design and development.

Brand penetration, awareness, likes, sales... at the end NYFW is about reaching audiences globally. Social media is the best tool to achieve those objectives and helps us position ourselves among the greatest within the global industry.

Dimi Karavasilis (), Senior Social Media Strategist, Desigual

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