Case Study

raises cash for children's charity with Promoted Trends

Key results

The opportunity

Commonwealth Bank of Australia () wanted to create a goodwill strategy in support of the Clown Doctors ()—an organisation that harnesses the benefits of laughter to help kids in hospital. It sought to drive brand favourability and positive sentiment, and turned to Twitter to ask users to take a "silly selfie."

The strategy

For every silly selfie posted using the  hashtag, donated $5 to . Promoted Tweets increased buzz around the campaign and the Promoted Trend helped drive participation. engaged brand ambassadors—such as cricketers Steve Smith () and Michael Clarke ()—to increase engagement by using whitelisted Tweets.

Use a community partnership to drive positive sentiment.

used keyword targeting such as , "cricket," and "my kids" to reach cricketing fans, parents, and primary caregivers of children. It used targeting such as and to reach followers of Australian cricket stars and associated groups. Interest targeting was broad-ranging, aimed at sports, entertainment, and charity enthusiasts. The Tweets featured photos of celebrities pulling "silly selfie" faces to generate community interest and increase engagement. also coordinated a segment on popular television show "The Project" on April 1st, and during airing, increased the donations to $100 per selfie. Television conversation targeting was employed on Twitter to reach "The Project’s" audience.

Capitalise on the power of ambassadors.

used its sponsorship of cricket to drive awareness of the campaign to a broader audience. The power of Twitter during sporting events was demonstrated during the Cricket World Cup 2015 (), when the profiles of ambassadors and were reaching a wider audience and increasing brand awareness among sports enthusiasts.

Boost campaign awareness with Promoted Trends.

timed the Promoted Trend to run during a quarterfinal of the Cricket World Cup on March 20th and whitelisted Tweets from the pair of cricketers, further capitalising on the current buzz and anticipated momentum.

The success

Over the two weeks of the campaign,  raised over $240,000 for , with 4,461 photo entries received on Twitter. The Promoted Trend achieved 2.92 million impressions and Tweets associated with the Promoted Trend achieved a 6.8% engagement rate with a CPE (cost per engagement) of $0.40. The best-performing whitelisted Tweet during the Promoted Trend achieved a record 14% engagement rate. The campaign netted the bank a 12% increase in positive brand sentiment and an 8% decrease in negative brand sentiment, compared to the previous month on Twitter. Entries spiked to 160 posts per minute during the half-hour screening of "The Project," and  trended organically as the top trend for over three hours as a result.

The team

IKON Communications () is a media agency that specialises in digital media solutions and media buying.

One Green Bean () is a creative communications agency specialising in PR, social media, and events.

The energy of the Twitter community during 'The Project' TV segment was amazing—the sheer velocity of organic engagement is a testament to the power of good content and Twitter, plus the reach of TV.

Stuart Tucker, General Manager Brand, Sponsorship & Marketing Services, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

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