Case Study

targets fans and earns app installs with Promoted Tweets

Key results

The opportunity

Entertainment brand  used Twitter to drive awareness leading up to the on-air premiere of the "Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber." Immediately following the  was able to target people talking about the event and serve them an app install ad. 

“Leading up to the premiere, we saw incredible engagement and excitement for this event across all social platforms,” says Grace Low, senior manager, multiplatform marketing at Comedy Central. “We focused our efforts on driving viewers to watch the on-air premiere and engage in real-time social conversations. To keep the dialogue going, we pushed out exclusive content on the Comedy Central app and used Twitter as a core part of our overall marketing plan for the Roast.”

The strategy

 used Twitter’s exclusive targeting signals to reach fans and deliver them an install ad directly in their timelines. To re-engage fans who had already installed the app, the ads displayed a “Play” button and a single tap brought them directly to the video using a deep link.

Reach the audience most likely to engage with your content. 

The campaign used a combination of targeting by keyword, TV conversation, and followers of the Roastee (). The campaign also targeted the followers of the Roasters, including , , , , , , , , and Roastmaster .

“Twitter gives us a way to engage with our fans and join the conversation in real time,” says Shawn Silverman, VP of brand marketing at Comedy Central. “Twitter’s precise targeting allowed us to reach fans of Justin Bieber, fans of the Roasters, and people who were talking about the Roast, driving them all to download the app.”

Incentivise action with exclusive content. 

After the  premiered on Comedy Central, an extended version of the special was available exclusively on the app. 

“Immediately after the Roast aired, we released an extended and uncensored version exclusively on the app,” Low says. “We used keyword targeting to identify fans who were watching and Tweeting about the special. This method made it possible to offer up the premium content to a highly interested audience. Twitter was the best platform for us to reach them as the conversations were happening.”

Engage with rich media. 

 had a wealth of creative assets for the campaign, including custom images of Justin Bieber and photos of talent who had used the Twitter Mirror on the red carpet. In the Image App Card creative,  used still photos of the comedians and talent roasting Bieber and the custom images of Justin Bieber.

“People on Twitter are scrolling through their feed looking for content, giving us the perfect place to promote our app,” Silverman says. “We have a highly captive audience on Twitter and the ad creative gives us a great opportunity to use engaging content to reach comedy fans in their timeline when they’re in a discovery mind-set.”

The success

The Promoted Tweet campaign resulted in an average cost per install that was 66% under ’s goal. The precise targeting drove an app click-to-install conversion rate of 14.5%, and 1.48 million Tweets with  were sent in 24 hours.

“We knew it was going to be a true pop culture moment and we wanted to be where our fans were—on Twitter talking about Justin Bieber and the Roast,” Low says. “We were able to reach millions of fans in real time and serve them an ad while it was still topical and relevant, which was key to the success of the campaign.”

Twitter’s mobile app promotion product suite enables us to connect with fans when they are most likely to engage with our Comedy Central app. By leveraging granular targeting, paired with creative that promotes exclusive video content found in the app, we’ve seen exceptional performance.

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