Case Study

uses Twitter Amplify to score with hockey fans

Key results

The opportunity

During the World Junior Championship of hockey (), Canadian Tire () wanted to build buzz by playing off the hype of Team Canada’s race for gold. wanted to increase brand awareness and raise money for , a Jumpstart () initiative to get kids involved in hockey. A joint initiative between and , Big Play wants to get 30,000 kids into hockey in the next three years. To encourage Canadians to support the charity and spark interest from potential customers, the World Juniors was used as a launching pad to build awareness and engagement by sharing  from the 11-day hockey tournament with live, real-time video created by media partner The Sports Network ().

The strategy

During the live broadcast of the , utilised Twitter Amplify to distribute exclusive, real-time videos created by . With Twitter Amplify, media companies and brands capture the excitement on TV and deliver it to fans and audiences across Twitter. engaged fans with the Promoted Trend  and pledged a donation of $0.25 per mention to . To boost momentum among an estimated audience of 7.1 million in the epic Canada vs. Russia gold medal game, the brand spiked its donation up to $0.50 per  mention. generated interest from viewers with videos featuring player Connor McDavid, who shared messages on the importance of hockey to young Canadians.

Use keyword targeting to reach the right users.

By targeting keywords like "hockey," "sports," and "Canada," the brand generated interest from sports fans, active Canadian families, and top influencers. To reach its target audience of sports enthusiasts, used the Promoted Trend  and Twitter Amplify to share live branded replays of the game.

Engage your audience with timely, rich media.

During the tournament,  used Twitter Amplify to distribute timely replays created by  and Snappy TV. This allowed the brand to align itself with  and reach a wider audience of sports fans interested in or talking about the game. Canadian Tire kept on the pulse of its followers and built momentum with fresh, real-time video content, and multiple Tweets per game that resonated with viewers.

Use high-profile names to increase charity awareness. 

By using branded pre-roll video with sponsored athletes like  captain Connor McDavid (), created a personal connection with viewers and encouraged fans to Retweet in support of future hockey players. highlighted the journey of players to increase the visibility of  and charities. The brand created hype to support Canada’s national game and its players with .

The success

 proved very popular and became synonymous with the trending and . Twitter Amplify allowed to engage a massive audience of sports enthusiasts with TV clips and branded pre-roll that were watched more than 500,000 times. The brand generated a 7.2% engagement rate with 16,400 mentions of the  hashtag. As well as a fourfold increase in followers, the campaign resulted in three times more account mentions than before and included mentions from top influencers such as Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  raised more than $45,000 for .

The team

TSN () is a TV sports network in Canada.

Touché! is one of Canada’s leading media agencies recognised for its excellence in strategic thinking.

Twitter is a tremendous partner to help us on our journey to becoming one of the top digital retailers in the world... And thanks to the unmatched power of Twitter's real-time platform to engage our customers in the initiative, we will be able to bring the power of sport... to more than 10,000 kids over the next three years.

T J Flood () Senior VP of Marketing, Canadian Tire

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