Case Study

Amazon Prime Video India builds and delights an audience for Comicstaan

Key results

The opportunity

Amazon Prime Video India () was looking for a comedy-loving audience for its new stand-up competition, Comicstaan (). Having witnessed the rise of some of India’s best-known comedians on Twitter, Amazon turned to the platform to plan an innovative launch.

Amazon’s aims were to delight and engage ’s target audience, ultimately driving awareness and intent to watch the series. To reach these goals, Amazon made the most of Twitter’s creative formats, live event capabilities, and powerful influencer ecosystem.

The strategy

Amazon collaborated with Twitter on a strategy that layered video, personalisation, a live event, and influencer endorsement. It targeted male and female audiences in India, aged 25-35, with an interest in stand-up comedy.

began building buzz with “Tweet to Untape” videos, a unique spin on the Tweet to Unlock ad format. By tapping or clicking a “Tweet to ” button, fans could unlock premium video content.  

When it came time to share a glimpse of the first episode, Amazon and Twitter created a special live event to stream on its own event page. In advance of this , Amazon used a Tweet to Remind mechanism to engage fans. By Liking or Retweeting the launch video, fans could receive personalised reminder Tweets when the live-streaming began.

Hosted by Prajakta Koli (), the featured a Q&A with cast members Abish Mathew (), Naveen Richard (), Sumukhi Suresh (), and Sapan Verma (). Fans could join in the live experience by Tweeting their questions for the cast using the hashtag . Amazon also invited influencers into the conversation by sending them surprise gift boxes that inspired Tweets. Later, encouraged engagement with polls asking viewers about their picks for the finale, and rewarded each voter with a super-personalised video Tweet featuring their account name and profile image.

At three key points in the campaign – the trailer launch, the , and the series finale – Amazon ran First Views, claiming the top ad real estate on Twitter for 24 hours, and ensuring that anyone in India who checked Twitter on those days got the latest updates.

Adding an extra dash of delight, made a special emoji that appeared when people Tweeted with any of the following hashtags: , ,  , , or .

Elevate your creativity with video.

Amazon knows the power of video. Its native video made ’s Tweets unmissable in fans’ timelines. Video remained at the heart of the campaign, bringing life to its Tweet to Untape, Tweet to Remind, personalised auto-replies, First Views, and live-streamed .

Delight your audience.

Through its personalised video replies, which fans were eager to share with their own followers, to the custom emoji that encouraged people to have fun with campaign hashtags, Amazon embraced the power of delight and reaped the rewards.

Take it to the top with First View.

’s three First View days brought nationwide exposure to the series. Its video appeared as the first ad in people’s timelines, while a campaign hashtag topped the list of trends.

Go Live.

With its , Amazon brought the excitement of a live launch event to an India-wide audience. It sparked real-time conversation and buzz among fans, comedians, and influencers.

The success

The campaign delivered success for Amazon , and delight for its audience – demonstrating why Twitter is where people come to get more from their entertainment experiences, and where brands come for attention-grabbing launches.

Amazon’s approach to delighting and engaging its audience with video, personalisation and live streaming combined for a high on-target reach of 85%, exceeding the industry benchmark of 73%*. Its creative Tweet-to-Untape solution, using custom campaign video, delivered 3.3X higher engagement rates and 5.4X higher completion rates than other ad formats.

People who viewed and engaged with videos were motivated to remember the campaign and to watch the competition on : Compared to the control group, people who viewed video Tweets showed a 37 pp (percentage point) lift in Tweet recall, 35 pp lift in awareness, and a 14 pp lift in intent to watch . Meanwhile, people who engaged with the Tweets showed a 39 pp lift in Tweet recall, 22 pp lift in awareness, and a 14 pp lift in intent to watch .

Boosted by the involvement of influencers, overall metrics for the exceeded typical event page performance by 150%.

*Nielsen data

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