Case Study

A travel search app takes off with mobile app promotion

Key results

The opportunity

While the website of Russian online travel search engine Aviasales ()  has healthy traffic, the company recognised that mobile is the fastest-growing search and booking channel and wanted its customers to enjoy the convenience of a mobile app. Looking for a cost-efficient way to engage independent travellers, attract new users, and boost the adoption of its app, the company turned to Twitter.

The strategy

 used Twitter’s mobile app promotion suite to target independent outbound travellers in Russia. Promoted Tweets with Image App Cards included photos of travel destinations and planes, reminding users to book their flights early to enjoy the best deals.  made use of interest, keyword, and targeting to attract users most likely to be interested in the app.

Use the Image App Card for strong visuals with a clear benefit.

 used the Image App Card to deliver engaging visuals as well as a seamless user experience. Image App Cards featured a large image, a strong call to action, and enabled users to simply click and download the app without leaving Twitter.  customised its Tweet copy to provide a clear benefit to users: the ability to book ahead to get the best deals. 

Define and refine the target audience.

 engaged a wide audience receptive to its message through effective targeting. The company used keywords related to holidays and travel, such as "romantic getaway," "travel to Europe" and "Valentine’s Day." Its targeting strategy included names of regional airports and airlines, for example . When it came to interest targeting,  used a wide range—from music and technology to politics and current events—to ensure it captured the frequent independent traveller market, and refined these during the campaign based on results.  

Track results and adjust your campaign.

Key to the success of the campaign was the brand’s close monitoring of responsiveness and install rates of its different audience segments via the Twitter dashboard. By adjusting the campaign based on these results,  was able to ensure the most effective Promoted Tweets were served to the right audience. This helped it attract a new customer base of Twitter users and reduce its cost per install.

The success

’ Promoted Tweets were viewed three million times. Subscribers to the Aviasales website increased by 400% while Image App Cards grew app installs by 16%. In addition, a CPI (cost per install) of €1.83 demonstrated that  had found a cost-effective way to attract new users and boost app downloads.

The team

 worked with Httpool (), an international cross-channel advertising network focusing on markets outside the United States and Western Europe.

Twitter has become a very important channel for attracting new users to our mobile application. I would particularly like to highlight the unique targeting opportunities that allow us to find the best audience and stay efficient.

Ivan Kozlov () VP Mobile Products, Aviasales

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