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Build live connections in multiple ways.

From its beginning, Twitter has answered one question better than any other social media platform in the world: What’s happening right now? The fact is that Twitter is the first place people — and the media — turn to to learn what’s going on, direct from the source, as events unfold in real time. It’s a live connection to the world and to culture. It’s also a smart marketer’s answer to building connections with consumers in a mobile-first world. 

Every Tweet signals an interest or intent, making Twitter a direct connection to a live audience, their interests, their conversations and the events that capture their attention. And those connections happen in real time, when they’re most engaged with their passions. So it’s not just mass reach (800 million addressable users and growing); it’s mass premium reach. 

Even more compellingly, Neuro Insight research shows that Twitter users are more engaged than online norms. They also report that Twitter has a 51% higher level of personal relevance compared to online norms. That’s the same level of relevance as receiving a personal letter.

Twitter’s live canvas opens up amazing opportunities to create these live connections. One look at a typical Twitter feed reveals a spectrum of sight, sound and motion unparalleled in social media. In the last 12 months alone, we’ve seen the use of video content increase 150 times. And continuous innovation in every corner of this remarkable canvas yields breakthrough results.

People are looking for something to engage with that really matters to them. The connectivity and immediacy of Twitter and social media has given people the voice and the power to demand better solutions from governments, business, brands—and each other.”

Keith Weed () Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Unilever

Strategies to help you face this challenge

Keyword Targeting

Reach people based on keywords in their recent Tweets and Tweets they recently engaged with.

@Username Targeting

Connect with people based on the people and brands they follow.

Interest Targeting

Reach people based on their interests.

Tailored Audiences

Target audiences created from your website visitor and/or CRM data. You may also import targeting groups from select web audience partners.

Promoted Video

A video within a Promoted Tweet paid for by advertisers that appears in users’ Home timelines, at the top of search results on Twitter, and elsewhere on the platform.

Promoted Trends

A high impact, 24-hour takeover of the home of real-time discovery: the top of the Trends list (desktop) and the second spot in search results (mobile), which drives sustained awareness and conversation for your brand.

Make Twitter work for you

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Editor's note: As of April 2017, we’ve updated our product names and video campaign objectives on

Product names:

  • Promoted Video stays Promoted Video
  • Premium Pre-roll becomes In-Stream Video Ads
  • Amplify Packages becomes In-Stream Video Sponsorships

Campaign objectives:

  • Promoted Video becomes Promoted Video Views
  • Pre-roll becomes In-Stream Video Ad Views (Pre-roll)
  • Mid-roll becomes In-Stream Video Ad Views (Mid-roll)