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Build a brand that matters to people.

People come to Twitter for human connection, self-expression and content discovery. Naturally, connecting with brands and learning about new products and services is a part of that. There are many ways to ensure that your brand's organic content engages followers and drives the most impact in the Twitter timeline.

It starts with clarifying your brand’s purpose and defining its position in the market. Define your value and infuse it into your content so that your messaging works harder for you. Knowing your audience can inform key content themes and ideas, including which personal moments and larger cultural events you can authentically tap into.

Your content should have stopping power. Tweets with videos, GIFs and photos are known to drive higher engagement than text-only Tweets. Employing autoplay and a diverse range of formats adds variety to your visual storytelling. And using hashtags to unify content across your brand or a specific campaign can drive discovery.

Remember that short, concise copy is better. The magic number for Tweets seems to be 100 characters. Anything more gets significantly less engagement. Pay attention to your feed and respond to questions and comments immediately. Your responses should include brand advocates, who you can recognise and celebrate to drive even more loyalty and earned impressions.

The future of digital creativity will be visual storytelling—the ability to tell stories with pictures and videos of any length, and few or no words. The journey towards one-to-one communication will continue and ‘immediacy’ of response to cultural moments will be more important than ever.”

Antonio Lucio () Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, HP

Strategies to help you face this challenge

Brand Hub

Understand your brand’s share of conversation, what people are saying about your brand and who your most engaged audiences are so you can successfully promote your brand on Twitter.

Followers Campaign

Building a community of engaged and valuable followers is key to fully leveraging your Twitter presence. Followers see your content, Retweet, engage, and share it with others.

GIFs and Photos

Easily add fun GIFs and photos to your brand Tweets and DMs. Within a Tweet, reply, or DM, a GIF button launches a portal where you can search or select fun GIFs to share with your consumers.

Event Targeting

Quickly and easily discover, plan for, and activate events on Twitter. Get started by looking at the events calendar at and then visit your ads dashboard.

Editor's note: As of April 2017, we’ve updated our product names and video campaign objectives on

Product names:

  • Promoted Video stays Promoted Video
  • Premium Pre-roll becomes In-Stream Video Ads
  • Amplify Packages becomes In-Stream Video Sponsorships

Campaign objectives:

  • Promoted Video becomes Promoted Video Views
  • Pre-roll becomes In-Stream Video Ad Views (Pre-roll)
  • Mid-roll becomes In-Stream Video Ad Views (Mid-roll)