Expanding reach

Reach your most valuable audience at scale when it matters most.

Whether you’re launching a new product, kicking off a campaign, or telling a brand story, marketers need to break through the noise and maximise awareness.

We’ve built mass awareness solutions, First View and Promoted Trends, to help you maximise reach and connect with your most valuable audience during the moments that matter.

Strategies to help you face this challenge

Promoted Trends

Connect to the moments that matter to your valuable audience using Promoted Trends. The Promoted Trend is a 24-hour takeover that allows your brand to place a branded trend within the top trends list – the home of real-time discovery. Promoted Trends are a high-impact placement for your message which drives mass awareness, enables user discovery, and scales your campaign across Twitter.

First View

Reach your valuable audience and capture their attention using First View, a premium, single-day, mass awareness ad package. First View provides advertisers with priority access to logged-in users’ first impression of the day, along with additional impressions delivered throughout the timeline to maximise awareness.

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