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Six insights for marketers in Indonesia to help your brand succeed this Ramadan

Discover six valuable audience insights on how brands can connect to their most valuable audiences on Twitter during Ramadan.


Boost the effectiveness of your ads with synchronisation

Our latest study shows the high impact of ads broadcast simultaneously on TV and Twitter.


From TVs to beertails: how chatbots help brands engage consumers on Twitter

Discover how Wendy’s, MTV, Patrón, and other brands are engaging consumers using chatbots on Twitter.


Study offers new marketing mix modeling insights and guidance on where to invest

How effective are Twitter campaigns? New Marketing Mix Modeling studies covering two years of Twitter activity for four clients in three markets show Twitter marketing campaigns deliver a higher ROI.

Best in Class

10 examples of Twitter creativity in the world

A look at 10 Twitter campaigns that stood out because of their creativity.

Case Study

Danone Aqua teams up with a popular movie character to refresh its brand campaign

See how Danone Aqua used Twitter’s auto-response feature with Promoted Videos to increase brand awareness amongst a young audience.

Case Study

Powerade brings the legends to footy fans with influencer Q&As

Learn how sports drinks company POWERADE used influencer Q&A and Conversational Video Ads to engage with fans of the National Rugby League (NRL).

Case Study

Nescafe drives brand engagement with Flock to Unlock campaign

Learn how Nescafe Philippines uses Twitter Flock to Unlock to create buzz and build brand loyalty.

Case Study

A powdered milk brand teams up with a TV supercouple to find fans on Twitter

Discover how Bear Brand Adult Plus used engaging videos and Twitter's targeting tools to reach its target audience.

Case Study

L’Oréal Malaysia engages with beauty fans and boosts sales

Learn how L’Oréal fostered a sense of community during Malaysia’s Hari Raya season through Promoted Videos and Periscope.

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