Twitter Awards

Sixteen countries. Hundreds of campaigns. Countless Tweets. The recognise the best of the best.

A stroke of genius, a burst of creativity, a brilliant idea. These are the seeds of award-winning campaigns.

In 10 years Twitter has grown from a mobile messaging service to the pulse of the global community. It is the live connection to what’s happening. Along the way, advertisers have been disrupting, inventing, and reimagining the marketing playbook.

The first annual recognise these achievements with gold, silver, and bronze trophies in the following categories: live, creativity, impact, scale, and customer. We’ve had hundreds of entries from more than 15 countries. Like Twitter itself, the reflect who we are, where we are, and what makes us tick.

All Twitter Awards entries were judged based on three criteria. Creativity: Did the campaign challenge convention and push the creative envelope? Live: Did the campaign use Twitter in unique, new, and compelling ways to start live conversations? Results: How did the campaign use Twitter to address and solve a key brand challenge, and what were the measurable results?

Not that choosing the winners was simple arithmetic. A standout campaign makes us laugh out loud or hit the share button; it inspires us to add our voice, rethink our position, and join the conversation.

Twitter is a huge part of our lives and it's time to honour great creativity on this unique platform.”

Per Pedersen (), Global ECD, Grey, and Judge
The #Customer award: because nobody likes to be put on hold
The #Live award: It’s happening now

The unique appeal of work that is one-to-one but broadcast, instant but ongoing, local but beyond cultural boundaries.”

Frederic Bonn (), NY CCO, Mirum, and Judge
The #Creativity award: celebrating the right-brainers among us
The #Impact award: otherwise known as the bang-for-the-buck award
The #Scale award: campaigns that rocked the world

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